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The Directorate of Physical Planning and Development is responsible for developing and maintaining the University Infrastructure for various activities within the University. This has been made possible by the visionary Leadership of the Chancellor, the ingenuity of the Management and also by employing the imperative skills of experienced men and women who work assiduously in the realization of our goals and objectives which have been carried on for years with wonderful results to show forth. Since the commencement of construction work in 2008, the dapartment has continued in the prompt and effective provision and maintenance of world class facilities within the University. With the help of God we intend to keep doing this while we build on our experiences of the past years and make them effective blocks for building a better tommorow as a Unit and as a University.



  • » To coordinate all the operations of the sub-units of Directorate of Physical Planning and Development in providing adequate and effective facility support for the agrarian revolution mandate of the University.
  • » To provide a strong infrastructural development projection document in liaison with all relevant units of the University.
  • < span> »To implement and supervise the execution of all projects as approved and endowed for quality and standard delivery.
  • » To explore and research new frontiers in ensuring a world class approach to facility management.


  • » Adequate production and distribution of water within the campus.
  • » Maintenance of plumbing fittings and installation of new mechanical related facilities within the campus.
  • » Waste and sewage management within campus.
  • » Supervision of mechanical related project within the campus.
  • » Supervision of air conditioners installation, repairs, and services.
  • » Coordination of fire services on campus. 


  • » To maintain all electrical facilities in the University, i.e. transformers, generators, electrical networks, etc.
  • » To ensure 24 hours uninterrupted power supply I the University for Smooth Running Operation.
  • » To ensure that power supplied to end users is user friendly.
  • » Maintenance of the entire internal installations within the University Community ranging from illumination, socket outlets fan points, etc in offices, resident areas and student’s hostels.
  • » To provide quick reponse to electyrical challenges and emergencies by engaging competent, committed and well experienced staff.


  • » Structural design of project; structural analysis, structural drawing.
  • » Project supervision; roads, building, water stanchion, drainage and walkway, etc.
  • » Maintenance of existing structures, collapsed fence, chairs and tables, roof and trusses, etc.
  • » Maintenance of the school Civil Works challenges; changing of doors, frame, cylinder, PVC, suspended ceiling, painting, etc. 


  • » Architectural design of buildings and infrastructure.
  • » Production of working drawings, specifications and construction details.
  • » Project supervision and inspections.
  • » Project administration and Coordination of construction processes.
  • » Design which includes three dimensional representations, graphic designs, animations, print production, and presentation documents. 


  • » To ensure the general clean condition of the campus by constant monitoring of the operation of the refuse disposal section.
  • » To collaborate with other units by making available our equipment when needed (resource sharing)
  • » To ensure first class maintenance of all automobiles within the University Community.
  • » To sustain the Unit’s part of the agrarian revolution by ensuring our equipment is available for use.
  • » To continue to make relevant research and discovery as pertinent to the unit’s operations as well as the University at large, towards the realization of the institution’s dream and vision.


  • » To maintain cleanliness in the university environment
  • » Supervision of the upkeep and appearance of indoor and outdoor area for comprehensive cleaning.
  • » To prevent any outbreak of infection due to dirty environment.
  • » To ensure the staff (campus maintenance) perform their duties according to specification with efficiency.
  • » To make the campus clean and pleasant for the university community.
  • » Inform and train campus keepers about procedure and policies that have to be followed while cleaning.
  • » Creating of work schedules and ensuring that cleaning should be done in an effective and timely fashion.


  • » Responsible for the establishment and upkeep of the aesthetic beauty of the University Community as a whole.
  • » Routine maintenance of the University Environment.

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